Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas is my favorite time of year and I'm so sad that it's over already! It's been a weird Christmas for me, very different from all of my past ones. Usually for Christmas I go and stay with my family and spend several days with them celebrating. We make all sorts of Christmasy goodies and delicious food, and wrap presents. Then on Christmas morning my little sisters are always so excited to open presents and it's so fun to watch. The whole rest of the day is spent playing with the new toys and eating leftovers from the big Christmas Eve dinner.
This year was a new experience. It's mine and Josh's first Christmas being married, and sadly, Josh had to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas day! A couple of months ago I was pretty sad about this, but as time went on I got over it and realized that as long as we were together it would be a good day.
On Christmas Day I went on a ride along with Josh. So we woke up at about 5am to make the long drive to downtown Phoenix. When we first started Josh got a call about a lady's house being robbed on Christmas Eve. (sad). But after that it was pretty slow. A bunch of the other cops in Josh's squad went to breakfast with us at the only place we could find that was open. It was some little bar that actually ended up having pretty good food. The rest of the day was cold and a little rainy, and not to much going on. I guess most people try to be good on Christmas.
After our 10 hours were up we headed home to open presents and eat some dinner. Josh wanted to eat first, but I wanted to open our presents, so we did. I got exactly what I wanted and I think Josh liked what he got too. lol.
Then we had our Christmas Dinner.
I have to say that I was a little nervous to be the one to make a special dinner for Christmas, but I think it turned out pretty darn good. Yeah we forgot about the green bean cassorole I had sitting in the fridge, but everything else was yummy.
I'm glad to say that our frist Christmas together (and on our own) turned out pretty good! I had a great time riding along with Josh and just being with him, we got good presents, and our food was great! Merry Christmas everyone!

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