Wednesday, December 17, 2008

In these past 3 years...

I've been at my job for over three years now..... To be exact it has been 3 years, 4 months and 2 days!

Here's a kind of funny thing, most people (my family included) really have no idea what I do for work. They know I work in an office.... but that's about it. And to some extent that isn't even right because I technically work in the Back of an office building in the warehouse side. It's one huge open space with neon lights and absolutely NO windows. There are a bunch of cubicles of different sizes set up in this space, ranging from the large ones with doors they can shut for "privacy" (even though everyone can still hear everything going on), to the small ones hidden in the corners. I graduated from my smaller cubicle a couple of months ago, only to be moved into a bigger one that I will eventually have to share with someone else when they decide to hire someone for me to supervise. The place is usually as quiet as a library, excluding the humming of all the electronic equipment and servers we have back here. I'm the only one under the age of 35 and until recently was the only female employee.
Anyways... for anyone wondering, my official title is Support Administrator, basically that means I administer support to whoever needs it. lol. I do all the the Invoicing, purchasing, maintenance renewals and office management work. (I know you were all DYING to know. lol)
I've had three bosses, or supervisors, in the time I've been here. My current boss and I had some issues in the first year he was here, but we have since moved past those and now get along a lot better. (which is good because he is the one I had to go talk to to ask for a raise)

In the past three years a lot has happened outside of work. I have moved 5 times, bought my first house, bought a brand new car, had about 10 different roommates, met my husband, got engaged & married, added a 2nd & 3rd dog to my family, and bought a house with my Joshy and moved into it.
That's the bigger stuff in a nutshell.... weird. Three years ago I had no idea I would be where I am today. I hoped that I would be married, but didn't know who that would be to. I don't think I even knew I would be at this same job after three years, but I'm glad that I am.

In three more years I wonder where I'll be.... I hope I will be a stay at home mom with at least one baby. Living happily in Maricopa with all of the houses in our neighborhood built and the town having at least a movie theatre... haha.

Anyways this is not where I planned on this post going, but it got me thinking and pondering and hey, I guess it works.

Here are just some random pics from the past:

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