Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well I guess it's time for my Thanksgiving blog.

Josh and I got to go up to Snowflake/Taylor Arizona to spend the holiday with my family. It was really nice to go and see them and eat lots of great food! My mom cooked SO much food, and I think she cooked 8 pies too! It was all delicious and we were all bursting afterwards.

Before dinner we (me, Josh, Melanie, Keats, Rebecca and April) decided we wanted to go on a 4 wheeler ride. It had been raining all morning and had finally stopped and the sun had come up so we thought it would be a good time. I also thought it would be fun to take our puppy Bentley along with us. I would ride behind Josh with the pup in between us. My dad went out and got the wheelers ready for us as we all bundled up in warm clothes and camo pants. As soon as we drove off the property the rain started.... and it didn't stop until later when we got back to the house. The trails were all really muddy and wet from the rain and huge chunks of rocka and mud were getting thrown up in the air from the wheels. (I think they were going about 8' up and then smacking us i the faces) It was cold.... and wet.... and very Very Very muddy! I stayed huddled up behind Josh holding onto Bentley trying to keep from eating a ton of mud. It wasn't a very long ride, as you can imagine, but we had some fun. By the time we got back I was soaked from my waist down (except for where Bentley was on my lap) and covered in mud. We all ran to the porch to strip off our outer layers of wet muddy clothing, then go inside to change and warm up. The next morning my mom came inside and said it looked like a whole army died on the front porch because of all our yucky camo clothes thrown everywhere.
Sadly I didn't get any pictures of us before or after our ride. Would've made some good ones too!

The next morning, Black Friday, Josh and I got up at about 4:30am and headed out to Walmart to shop. Mostly just for fun since there wasn't anything we really wanted or needed that bad. We got there 15 minutes after they opened and the parking lot was packed! We finally found a spot then hurried inside, just to find that there were NO carts. So we ran back outside to search the parking lot for abondoned carts.... NO LUCK. Every single cart was gone. We would follow people out of the store and ask them for their carts but got denied because they were "Going back in for more". FINALLY some older ladies asked Josh if he would help them load there brand new 52" plasma tv into their car. He said yes, as long as he could have one of their 2 carts after. haha! They were going back in for more after but did let us have a cart, thank goodness. Back inside the store was crazy! We grabbed a few things, but mostly just some camping gear and groceries for our camping trip the next day. Then we headed for the line to check out..... DUN DUN DUN! Holey Crap! The lines were Horrible, and not moving herdly at all because people would have 2 carts loaded with stuff. It probably took us about an hour to get to the front of a line (After I stood in a non moving line forever I realized people kept cutting in so we moved to a new one). The really sad thing is that we only got two things that were actually On Sale. And those two things together totaled like $14. LOL so we went through all of the madness for really no reason at all. Oh well, we had an interesting time.

The day after Thanksgiving Josh and I wanted to go camping so we packed up our stuff and our dogs and headed to Payson area. On our way there it started snowing, and all we could see ahead were more dark clouds. We were getting a little nervous because we weren't really prepared for the snow. We were barely prepared to have mild cold weather. We got some luck though and by the time we got the area we wanted the sky was clear above us and we didn't get any rain (or snow) the whole time. We found a little spot and set up camp, finishing right before the sun went down. We had prepared boy scout dinners before leaving my parent's house and cooked them for dinner on the fire. They were delicous! It might have helped that I was Starving, but oh well. It was pitch black around us with the only light coming from our fire. We had our dogs with us and Bentley would stare intently off into the darkness and then start growling. It would scare the Crap out of me!!! When she did that Josh would grab his flashlight and shine it around to make sure nothing was close by. There were a couple times she would growl and then start barking, that scared me too! We never did see anything, thank goodness, but we did freak ourselves out. We went to bed pretty early, me josh and the 3 dogs all cuddling together on the air matress in our tent. A couple of times I would wake up from my not very deep sleep to feeling someone shivering. I would wait and see who it was (always one of the dogs) then scoot them closer and cover with blankets better. We made it through the night without freezing, even though I didn't get much sleep. Josh made us some hot oatmeal for breakfast, then we cleaned up camp and headed home.
Here are some pictures from the camping trip.... (I know I look crazy, but this is after not sleeping all night, no makeup and having 5 layers of clothing on)

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