Monday, April 6, 2009

April Showers

I meant to post something last week, on April Fools Day, but I just never got around to it.
Notice how I made the font all dark and yucky for "april fools day"?? Yeah I did that for a reason. Stupid holiday! What even makes that a holiday anyways?? Who decided that there should be a day to try and make people look or feel like Fools anyways?

Okay so I'm not a huge fan of this day. In fact, the biggest prank I have ever pulled was to put a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer (You know, this one...).

If you do this, whoever turns on the kitchen faucet ends up getting sprayed either right in the gut, or right in the face. I used to do this every year and I would end up getting my mom most of the time. Silly lady forgot about it each year.

This year I didn't do anything. I was going to warn Josh that I didn't like this day and tell him not to try to trick me. For example, calling me from work saying he shot someone, or that he got shot or something NOT funny. I decided not to tell him to Not do this as it probably would have just put the idea in his head and he would do it anyways. (for the record he didn't try to trick me at all:)

Even though I didn't pull any tricks of my own on him, he THOUGHT that I did.

We had a company meeting at my work that day where it was announced that Everyone in the company is taking a 10% pay CUT! I'm not even going to go into how upset this makes me, that's a whole other post! Well after this meeting I texted Josh and told him what they announced, not even thinking that it was april fools day. His response to me was "haha, yeah right punk. april fools". Oh geesh! I was already super upset and my own husband didn't believe me because of this stupid day. Even after I told him how one lady at my work left crying after the meeting, he still didn't believe me. lol. I think he really didn't believe me 100% until I got home that evening. (No, it wasn't a joke. My bosses just made the not-so-smart decision to make this announcement on April 1st)


Jon & Kaylie said...

Hey this is your cousin Kaylie. I don't know if you have our blog, but it's if you want to check us out. I just wanted to comment about your april fools meeting. That sucks. When my husband and I got engaged though, we told our friends on April 1st, forgetting it was april fools so no one believed us! haha! I agree it is a lame holiday!

Jamie said...

Wow! That is a stupid boss to make that announcement on April 1st. Tx for the cute outfit in the mail! We're super excited for August, oh and July to see you too!