Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Finished Product

Here is the before and after of our front yard....

We are SOOOOOO happy to have the grass all in and the work done! Thanks to Josh's parents and sis for coming and helping us lay the grass!
Here are some pics of the process. They don't even come close to showing how much hard work it really was!

(Josh did the brick work and sprinklers all by himself & they turned out awesome!)

Some of the grass
& below is Josh telling me to "hurry and get back to work before the sun goes down"

Back/side yard

Josh & Bethany workin hard

AND our beautiful front yard!


Vanessa Salatino said...

Wow! That looks great. Good Job. I hope I'm motivated enough to work hard if we ever have to do something like that. Your work definately paid off. I'm inspired now.

Heidi Bell said...

Great work Jen. We had to sod our back yard last year, it is hard huh?