Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Already!

It's been hitting the 100's the last couple of days out here! Crazy crazy! Our pool went from 70 degrees to 78 degrees in just a few days time!
We will be breaking it in this weekend and we are VERY excited to finally be able to use it!

To welcome summer we decided to get our little dog Miki a haircut. She loves to swim in the pool and with all of her long thick hair it's not a very safe or comfortable thing for her in the summer time. Last time we cut her hair we did it ourselves to save the money and it turned out pretty dang good. This time though, we decided to take her to a professional so she could look great for summer......... *sigh* now I wish we would have done it ourselves. lol

and After

Lol! I was in shock when I went to pick her up and not very happy. She was supposed to have a lion cut done, leaving her head poofy looking. Now she looks like a cat. Josh and I are trying to get used to it and find ourselves laughing at her a LOT now. She seems to love it though and that's what really matters... Right?! lol


Jiggle Johnson said...

I think she looks dang cute!

Shan said...

oh good, I'm glad it won't offend you that I laughed as well! I was there Monday and thought about shaving my head myself for the day!