Thursday, December 31, 2009

100th Post!

I think it's kind of appropriate that my 100th posting on this blog will also be my last one of this year/decade.
We've had a great year and are so happy to be married to eachother. We were lucky enough to be sealed together this August and I am so thankful that I'm able to be stuck with Josh for Forever! He is my best friend and I love him so much!
We've had a fun time this year, going on lots of vacations together and with friends. I lost my very special friend (Tinkerbell), and we added a sweet teddy-bear-of-shrek puppy to our family (Torque). Bentley is still running around like the crazy mutt that she has always been.
We've enjoyed our new house and took advantage of having a pool in our backyard during the very hot summer/fall weather.
Josh has switched his shift to a night shift, which he Loves! He has seen a lot more action (three foot pursuits in the first three weeks!) and loves not having to wake up at 4:30am anymore. I'm still getting used to not having to make dinner anymore, and to not seeing him when I get home from work. I'm lucky enough to be able to see him almost every day for an hour so at lunch time before he heads off to work.
We just had our 3rd Thanksgiving and Christmas together and I can't remember what life was like without having Josh around!
Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

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