Thursday, December 31, 2009

Josh and His Toy

Years ago Josh had a dirt bike when he lived at home with his parents, but had to sell it when he wanted to buy some bag bipes to learn how to play.
Apparently he has been wanting one ever since then and.... well, he finally convinced his wife to let him get one......

I am not a huge fan of motorcycles in general, and dirt bikes fall into that category. The only time I've been on one was a long time ago when my younger cousin had a little tiny one to ride. I got on it and twisted the handle a little to hard because it shot off (and when it took off it made my hand twist the gas even more!)and then crashed me into a bush and a wall, landing me on my butt.

So obviously I don't have a very fond memory of that dirt bike.

I was worried about Josh getting himself hurt if he got a dirt bike, but he reassured me that he would be careful and that even if he broke his leg or something he would still be able to work. So I gave in and found a great deal on an almost brand new bike on craigslist.

His friend/our neighbor has a dirt bike as well and they were super excited to take it out to the desert for their first ride. I was working when I got the following picture....


Followed a little bit later by this picture....

YUCKY! It hurts my stomach to look at it!
Surprise Suprise, on his FIRST time riding the stupid thing he crashes hard! Trying to do a wheely he falls over, flipping the bike and landing his knee on the wheel spoke, following that up with running over himself.
Tire marks go up his side and he has a nice big rasberry/burn on the underside of his arm.

Here he is all proud of his war wounds. His knee got hurt pretty bad, he needed to go get stitches but decided to play nurse on himself instead. It's healing up pretty nicely after a week of care, but he will have a nice scar after this.

We went out and bought him some knee/shin gaurds yesterday so hopefully this won't happen again. He told me he was nervous I would get mad that he got hurt, because he knew I was worried about it and he messed himself up good the first ride, but I told him I was just glad he didn't break anything. He then informed me that he would have sold the bike that day if he had broken something on his first time out. lol (maybe that would've been a good idea..... ;)

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