Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to Catch Up!!

I think this has been my longest blogging break ever! I apologize to my little sister Amanda, as I know she's been wanting me to update for a while.

Nothing to crazy has happened in our lives, but I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. So if there are a bunch of posts in the next day or two that's why.

We were lucky enough to have Josh's parents and sister come to our house for Thanksgiving this year! Josh had to work so there was no way for us to go somewhere else. I had an interesting time trying out baking pies, making pie crust, stuffing, rolls, sweet potatoes and TURKEY etc. I made Josh's mom pull the guts out of the turkey as I just couldn't do it (yucky!).
Bethany (Josh's youngest sister) went on a ride-along with him on Thanksgiving Day. And when they got off and got home dinner was ready to eat! Josh's dad rode along with him the day after Thanksgiving while me, Bethany and my mother in law (Ila) went Black Friday Shopping! We spent tons of time in lines waiting to buy our awesome deals that day, but we had a good time. (And I think I convinced Ila that she can KINDA like Walmart ;) )
On Saturday we spent the day shopping again (with everyone there), had In-&-Out burgers for lunch, went to the Mesa Temple lights and then had Cheesecake Factory for dinner. yum yum!
We are so glad that his family was able to come and be with us for a couple of days! I got to spend more time with them than Josh as he had to work most of the time, but I had a good time with them and our dogs LOVED having them around! :)
Here are some pictures.... I couldn't move them around as blogger is being weird lately with pictures so they are a little random.

The doggies loved Josh's dad!

My very first pie/pie crust :)

Torque hanging out with Josh's dad

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