Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday! Josh and I had a good time putting up decorations, getting a REAL Christmas tree, baking goodies, buying presents and hanging lights. (Hanging lights wasn't really "fun" but you know how those things go)We spoiled ourselves and got everything we could ever want ;)

Josh got his dirt bike, a couple days early but still counts, an xbox 360, a bunch of games and controllers for it and a bunch of other stuff. I got a very pretty pink & silver CHI hair straightener that I Love! I also got a pink xbox controller so I can play with josh, and wii fit, some fun wii games, three pairs of amazing shoes (surprisingly all of them are sneakers) and a bunch more fun stuff!

Josh originally had to work on Christmas Eve until midnight, but because his knee was so messed up and he had a hard time walking, they sent him home after only one hour. So we both got off work early and packed up our dogs, presents and other crap and made the drive up to my parents. They weren't expecting us until Christmas day sometime and I decided to surprise them. They seemed pretty happy when we showed up at the door that evening :)

All of my sisters were there along with husbands/boyfriends. Melanie and Keats left their dogs at home, but without theirs we had 8 dogs running around plus the new pet cats. It was a crazy time, but we had a lot of fun. There were new board games to play and wii games to try out. I think the most popular one was the Cabela's Hunting one on the wii that comes with a rifle to use. The boys had a fun time trading off hunting different animals.

We ate a LOT of food, went to a crazy walmart the day after Christmas to buy cheap Christmas decorations, played games, froze our butts off and took a family picture. It was the first time since my wedding that we were all together.
My mom gave us no warning of wanting to take a picture, so this is how we look after a bunch of lounging around :)
And then this is how it is normally around the house. hehe

It's funny because it really represents how the weekend went lol

Here are a few pictures from mine and Josh's house....
police nutcrackers and a bagpipe playing one.... (Josh plays the bagpipes in case you didn't know)

Our tree

Josh making me nervous while he walked around on our roof to hang up lights.

I tried to take a picture of our lights because I thought it looked really good.... but the pics didn't work to well :(

We missed seeing Josh's family this year and hope they missed us too ;)

Hopefully everyone else had a great Christmas and will have a safe and fun New Years Eve!


Jamie said...

Of course we missed you guys! Glad you had a great Christmas

Amanda MacKay said...

Our family is strange. I was glad that you and Josh had the time to come for Christmas. I love you two! :)